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Telegram for PC: Telegram the Fastest, emerging messenger app, become one of the greatest competitors to WhatsApp. This Telegram app was launched initially in August 2013. Even though the telegram is released next to what’s app, it has many users globally. As per the statistics, Telegram is having 50 Million daily active users and producing 1 Billion messages every day. The reason behind the victory of Telegram is its user interface and friendliness. Telegram application comes with many specifications even though WhatsApp and much other messaging app don’t have. Telegram for PC application is a cloud-based instant messaging service which offers the users a great messaging experience with their friend, families and relatives. Telegram is available on multiple platforms such as PC, mobiles and Ubuntu touch in which many social messenger Giants fails to do.

Telegram is the Russian-based application whose founder is the founder of the VK social network. Telegram Messenger is launched for windows this year gets a lot of applause. This article will clearly guide you to download the Telegram app for Windows PC. Are you a Mac user don’t worry you may get the Telegram for Mac PC here.

Do you know why whats app became so popular than any other social messenger applications? Because of its simplicity in its user interface. The key to its success. Telegram follows the same route and get billions of users.Even telegram application has some more specification. In this article, we are going to show you the hidden features of a telegram.If you get the official Telegram for PC on Windows, you surely came to know the worth of Telegram Messenger. Download Telegram for PC.

Telegram For PC

Telegram For PC

Telegram for PC – Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10:-

Telegram provides users to communicate with their relations, friends, etc. The messaging experience in telegram is great because of its cloud-based server. Even the photos and data you shared with your friends are stores in the cloud so whenever you lost your phone or switching to the next phone, it’s easy to get the data. Telegram for PC offers it for free. The Telegram Messenger is officially available to PC. But in a case of WhatsApp and IMO you need to install Android emulator such as blue stack and use it on your PC. This task is tough. And also it gets sucked. Even it won’t provide the same experience you have on your smartphone.But in the case of Telegram messenger, you will easily use it on the Windows PC as in smartphone. The user interface, downloading and uploading speed remains same as smartphones even it is better in PC. While using Telegram in PC, you can browse the files from your PC and share it with your friends no need to transfer to your smartphone and share. Download Telegram for PC now.

Telegram For PC

Telegram Download

Telegram For Windows PC:-

Telegram for PC: Telegram is available on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Windows PC, MAC PC. So we might have friends using different phones running on different platforms. So it’s impossible to have the different messenger for each friend.By using Telegram for PC application, it is easy to connect with friends using different mobiles. Unlike other application, just by one click, we will have Telegram messaging application in our PC. Even it requires less memory space for working. It is less than 20 MB requires less space but provides ultimate messaging experience.If you have android, windows and iOS smartphones, you can download telegram messenger here.

Telegram For PC

Telegram For PC

Features of Telegram For PC:-

The answer to your inner voice “How Telegram for PC is greater than any other social media application?” is here.

  1. Automatic Backup of messages which enables you less data usage and easy transfer of data to any device.
  2. Groups can have multiple admins by that each admin can add friends who mean the increase in friends circle and growth in fun. This multiple admins feature is brought in the recent update.
  3. Each group can hold 200 participants who are enough greater than whats app.
  4. If team members reach 200, your group gets automatically gets upgraded to super groups. Resulting in the increase in group members capacity up to 1000.This supergroup mode is available only in Telegram for PC messenger.
  5. Each admin will have the right to add or remove the participants and also to change the group logo etc…which is the significant feature in a telegram for a PC application.
  6. Not only audio and video files the user can share any documents at greater speed.
  7. Files can be shared at great speed because Telegram for PC works with the cloud server.
  8. One can block a particular user from the user profile itself.
  9. With the help of Telegram for PC messenger, we can hide the messages from other by keeping in the privacy mode. So with the aid of this, we shall chat and easily keep our personal things hidden from others.
  10. Low data consumption. The data consumed for transmission and reception in telegram is very less on comparing with other messengers.
  11. Telegram for PC provides greatest messaging experience even in remote areas.
  12. Multiple files can select and send to friends at same instance in Telegram.
  13. Files size up to 1.5 GB of each can be transmitted through Telegram for PC.
  14. The data carry through telegram application won’t get compressed so the quality of the received file will remain same as the source.

These are the unique and hidden features of the Telegram for PC messenger. The reason behind the success of the Telegram for PC messenger. So it is enough offered from the telegram developers to have this fantastic application on our PC. Telegram is officially launched to the PC.

Telegram For PC

Telegram For PC

Download Telegram For PC Free – Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10:-

Do you want to use this fantastic messenger application on your PC? Download Official Telegram For PC Free.

Download Telegram For PC

Telegram different from Other messengers:-

Telegram For PC

Telegram For PC

Unlike any messengers, Telegram for the PC uses cloud-based messenger so it used to sync seamlessly to the cloud even in the weak internet connection. Files bigger in size up to 1.5 GB can be transmitted through Telegram for PC. Secret chat is now available in telegram application. The first timer is also there in the telegram, but it is available only to secret conversations. When the timer is set, the chat history will automatically delete from both users. This predominant feature is available in Telegram messenger.


As mentioned above Telegram for PC agent is cloud-based we can open our account instantly in tablet, phone and PC. Moreover, Telegram Messenger is officially launched in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic and Portuguese on all platforms.Telegram team also planned to launch its voice and video conversation soon. So it’s time to speak with our loved ones by seeing face to face. Download Telegram for Windows PC now.

Official Telegram For PC Free Download Windows
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